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It's drink o'clock, you're home from work and eager to pop a cork. Our 'Kitchen' wines are good, honest, weekday wines for busy folk. 

* All Kitchen Wines are shipped as 6 or12 bottle cases - which can be mixed.  View the full range... 

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bybo readymades: 'Mixed Kitchen Case'

It's drink o clock, you're home from work and eager to pop a cork. A glass or two makes dinner just that little bit more convivial – and you deserve it.

The Mixed Kitchen Case contains a selection of 6 whites and 6 reds from across our kitchen wine range.


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Muscadet, Chateau du Poyet, 2015

South east of Nantes on either side of the rivers of Sevre and Maine on ancient volcanic, sandy soils lie the best areas for Muscadet. The soil itself, devoid of chalk and limestone, is responsible for the wines lightness, acidity and freshness. ‘Sur Lie’ applied to the white wine of the Pays Nantais means that the wine should rest on its lees (sediment), either in vat or wooden fut during the winter following vinification, and that it must be bottled (without racking) before the 30th June of the following year.

This preserves the freshness of the wine as well as its slight prickle of CO2, which would be lost if it was transferred from vat to vat. This lively freshness is precisely why Muscadet remains the ideal tipple to accompany the delicious fruit de mer of the Breton coast.  

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Cotes du Rhone Villages, Chusclan, 2016

It’s a no brainer to stock the great wines of the Rhone, but you have to underpin them with some great generic, weekday, workaday Villages as well. It’s your entry level wine but it still has to deliver. There’s a lot to wade through and your ultimate choice has to say something about you and your philosophy. The villages of Laudun and Chusclan are some 6km apart opposite Chateauneuf du Pape and joined forces to produce two distinct wines as recently as 2008. Both are delicious, but distinctly different. Laudun wines are more nervy and lighter in style (whites are great here). While the wines of Chusclan are denser, deeper and juicier.

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