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Our Sharing wines are for splashing out a bit at the weekend. Put your feet up, let your hair down and get out some large glasses.

* All Sharing Wines are shipped as 6 or 12 bottle cases  - which can be mixed.    View the full range...

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bybo readymades: 'Mixed Sharing Case'

This is made for sharing, and lets face it, wine is all about friendship. A step up from the Kitchen Case, this selection is designed for folks who like to splash out a bit at the weekend. Six red and six white chosen from across the range. 


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Saint Etienne de Baigorry, Irouleguy Blanc, Xuri, 2015

Irouleguy is a small appellation in the Les Pays Basque, producing mountain fresh, white wines made from the Gros and Petit Manseng grapes together with a little Petit Courbu. It’s kind of chunky, due to the high sunshine hours, with ripe melons, clementine and mango flavours. Yet there’s also a slightly balsamic note, balanced with some jinglingly tense, citrus acidity. The Xuri is fermented partly in stainless steel and partly in barrique, with a great big whack of warm alcohol on the finish. An ideal autumn, or winter, white, it is superb with sheep or goats cheeses.    

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Marcillac, Cuvee Lairis, Le Vieux Porche, 2013

Marcillac is a tiny, obscure appellation near Clairvaux in Aveyron comprising some eight growers making wines exclusively from the Mansois grape, otherwise known as Fer Servadou. It’s a  juicy mouthful of forest fruits, raspberries, spices and an almost mineral acidity, angular and refreshing with a sort of haunting earthiness. 


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