A Visit to Mesquida Mora

Tim’s just back from Mallorca, the home of one of our favourite red wines – Trispol. A distinctive Mediterranean red wine made at the Mesquida Mora winery in Porres in the southern & central countryside of this hot and humid Balearic island.

Barbara Mesquida-Mora is a fourth generation Mallorcian wine producer - and this winery is her own venture which she began with her brother in 2007. A linguist by training, and living and studying in Barcelona, the call of harvest on the island brought her home to realise her dream. In 2008 she and her brother harvested their first vintage from 25 hectares (about 60 acres) and she now produces 70,000 bottles a year from six individual plots containing old and new vines from which three quarters are sold on the island with the balance exported.

The winery is an old and small, former barn, converted by a builder friend. “All I needed was a floor and a ceiling” she says, and from this came the name of her first two reds; in Catalan Trispol means tile floor and Sotil means roof.

All production is bio-dynamically organised, with emphasis on maintaining soil structure without the use of chemicals. You feel that the aim is to create a working garden where wine is also produced. The production building and vineyards are surrounded by a range of young shrubs and apricot trees, which harbour natural pest killers and therefore assist in the need to avoid the use of chemicals anywhere in the vineyard.

Trispol is blend of the local Callet with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. It has an earthy, sumptuous and almost peppery spiciness. It was gorgeous with the local sausage, Sobrassada.