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Mix it up

Our minimum order quantity is six bottles.

These can be six of the same, or they can be different - lets say two of each.

So why not mix them up?

Moscatel Pasas, Bodegas Cesar Florido, Chipiona

César Florido has single-handedly rescued this style of wine from extinction. His Moscatel Pasas is made from hand selected grapes that are dried on fields of sand, for two to three weeks, in the warm sunshine to concentrate their flavours. Fermentation is stopped by the addition of neutral grape spirit and the wine is aged in solera for nine years prior to bottling. Sweet, sticky, incredibly complex with a melange of dried fruits, roasted nuts, vanilla, caramel and spice. Woohoo! 

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Colheita 1998, Quinta Do Crasto

Colheita’s (meaning ‘harvest’ in Portuguese) are wines from a single vintage year aged for a minimum of seven years, in cask prior to bottling, during which time they begin to take on the characteristics of a Tawny Port. Two dates should appear on the label: the year of harvest – in this case 1998 – and the year of bottling 2017. The latter date is significant, as the wine improves in the cask not the bottle.This is from hand harvest old vines, foot trodden in traditional lagares, with stems, then aged for 19 years in 550 litre oak casks and bottled without filtration.

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