Mushrooms on Toast  with  Onorata, Langhe Favorita

Push those baked beans to the back of the larder and try this sumptuous, little, mid-week treat adapted from an original recipe by Bristol’s own Stephen Markwick

Serves 2

A punnet of field/wild/chestnut mushrooms
A good slug of olive oil
A knob of butter
2 cloves garlic, chopped (plus one to rub)
A handful of chopped parsley
A squeeze of lemon
2 thick slices of sourdough
Watercress or any salad leaves to serve.
Parmesan shavings and a drizzle of truffle oil (optional)

Wipe mushroom, trim stalks to clean and slice.
Heat a medium sized frying pan, add the oil and butter, then tip in the mushrooms and cook for a couple of minutes - shaking the pan to flip them over. Add the chopped garlic and parsley then cook for a minute or two before seasoning with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.
Toast the sourdough. Brush both sides lightly with olive oil and rub with half a clove of garlic whilst still hot and top with the mushrooms. Serve with salad.
 For an extra treat, add drizzled drops of truffle oil and some shavings of parmesan.