Twelve wonderful wines delivered to your door, bi monthly, for £165 quid.


You get to sample new releases - before anyone else - and receive comprehensive tasting notes, winemaker comments, and some specially selected recipes.


As soon as you place your first order, we will despatch it within 5 days. All subsequent  payments will be taken on the date ( as close as possible) to that of the first order. There's no need to renew – your subscription will continue for as long as you want and you're  free to cancel any time after a minimum of 16 weeks.

All bybo wines are subject to a 5 point system prior to consideration:

  • Independent (preferably family owned and run with tradition, history and identity).
  • Limited Production (finite supply and output – no bulk produce).
  • Ecological/Environmental (biodynamic and organic – where possible – with sustainable vineyard practices and management).
  • Regional (accurately reflecting the region/area from which they come).
  • Indigenous Grapes (distinctive varieties that are regionally reflective).