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It's drink o'clock, you're home from work and eager to pop a cork. Our weekday wines are our house wines and we love them. 

* Minimum order is 6  bottles  - which may be mixed.  View the full range..

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Mix it up

Our minimum order quantity is six bottles.

These can be six of the same, or they can be different - lets say two of each.

So why not mix them up?

Vinho Verde, Quinta da Lixa 2017

My wife recently asked for a specifically 'lady-friendly' white wine for her book club. So, diving headfirst into the heated debate on gender politics - this is it!

A delicious, delightful and de-lovely crisply, green, lean, guzzling machine, and at a mere 10.5% alcohol by volume you can drink loads of it without the need to resort to food - making it an ideal part of a calorie controlled diet.

Oh and its got a nice 'girly' label with flowers on.    

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Biferno Rosso Riserva, 2012

We just can’t get enough Biferno at bybo. Soft, squishy and brambly, with sour cherries from Montepulciano (the grape, not the region) married with the dark, feral. earthiness of Aglianico and tamed with a smidge of bottle age. It should be more expensive, but it comes from Molise (yep exactly) – sandwiched between Abbruzzo and Puglia in the South of Italy. 


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