Welcome to bybo... 



This is a basic guide, and you'll get to know the ropes as you use us. All our wines are split up into four main sections. It's simple, just pick what tickles your fancy and start shopping.  Our minimum order is six bottles, which may be mixed 


What to do and how to do it...

Once you have decided on your order, just follow the steps and we will dispatch within five working days . Admittedly we're not as fast as Amazon - but we don't work like that.


Sign up...

We communicate by email, so to say hello just email info@bybo.co.uk or join our community by filling  in the sign up box at the foot of each page.


Be Aware...

Unusual and hard to obtain wines are made in small quantities and come in small allocations. Demand often exceeds supply. 

If we've run out of a particular wine, we will let you know immediately. We may be able to lay our greedy little hands on some more - but there will be a delay.  In the meantime, be patient and we will maintain an email thread.

Vintages change, and are replaced regularly, so don't get cross, just ask how the new one compares - and we'll give you an honest answer. 

Some of our wines are 'natural or 'orange' wines, and can be a bit feral,  often smelling of the soils from which they come, and the way in which they are made. This is not a fault.  Faulty wines are very different and are generally undrinkable.  If a wine is faulty, we will replace it - end of.  If it's not faulty, do check our descriptions before you buy.  


As Frankie Beverley and Maze once sang ‘Love is the Key’ but just in case you need a little help – look out for the following symbols.

O is organic                                                                       

B is biodynamic

Or is Orange